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How to make a wheel Black Clay Pots

Throw it firmly from hand to hand, smacking it into a ball shape.
Dry your wheel. This will help the ball of clay adhere to the wheel once it starts spinning.
Have some water. Place a bucket of water where you can easily reach it to wet your hands while you work.
Throw the clay. Throw down the ball of clay as close to the center of the wheel as you can, then press it down into a conical shape.

Start spinning. As you build up speed, wet the Black clay, and with one hand on the side of the clay lump, and the other side on top of it, ease the clump towards the middle. Use the upper hand to keep the clay from flying out of control.

You can tell the black clay is centered when it no longer looks like it's wobbling, but sitting stationary in the center of the spinning wheel. Don't stop spinning.
Wet your hands. Then work the clay into a cone, then press it down into a thick disk. Repeat this step a couple times. This is known as "wheel wedging" and helps to condition the clay. Make sure you keep the clay centered as you work.
Push a thumb into the middle of the spinning mass, until it's about 1/2 inch (1.5cm) from the bottom.
Push 4 fingers into the hole, and work them around until the hole is as big as you would like. Continue working the hole, using a hand on the outside of the clay to shape your pot.
Work slowly. Gradually pull the clay up with even pressure, until it's the desired height.
Spread the top. If you want it a bit wider at the neck, just pull back with your inside fingers. Don't do it too hard.

Remove the finished pot from the wheel. Wet the wheel (not the pot) and using a stiff wire or fishing line, and holding it with both hands, pull it from the back the pot towards you until the pot is separate from the wheel.

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